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About ETE Teachers

About ETE Teachers

Through ETE Teachers, university students, researchers and other experts share credible and up-to-date knowledge through interactive multimedia to create a Live Learning experience for Schools.

Along with videos and blogs created to describe a range of natural processes and topics, school children can ask questions directly to our experts wherever they are around the world. This helps them gain a deeper understanding of the particular project, but also provides a valuable insight into the opportunities open to them through higher education.

This is supported by a range of teaching resources such as presentations, activities and lesson plans downloadable from the website. On top of this, schools are able to invite students into their classroom once they return from the field in order to find out more.


"We could never have mirrored the day / activities ourselves. Having someone speak from personal experience about something different to the norm was an opportunity not to be missed. I look forward to working alongside you all again in the near future - my class also cannot wait!"
- Michelle Wood, Lister School, Germany
“Asking questions which were answered not only by explorers in the Arctic but also people from the Inuit community and academics back here in universities has to be one of the jaw dropping moments for the children. […] The children are still talking about this learning.”
- Paula Ross, Marlborough School, Falmouth
Coming Soon! 

ETE will soon be launching a Teachers-only area of this website. 

We want to create a vibrant community of like-minded educators who, like us, are passionate about creating live learning opportunities for young people, and bringing the world into the classroom with ETE Teachers. 

The Teacher Area will enable teachers in our community to create a profile about themselves, upload resources and presentations and make use of teacher-only forums to discuss how ETE resources have been used successfully in the classroom and wider issues within education. 

Stay tuned for more information coming soon.

Connecting Cultures
Connecting Cultures

At ETE we aim not only to share knowledge and information about other cultures, but to create an exchange of viewpoints and ideas between schools here in the UK and overseas. 

We believe that by developing a deep understanding of the different cultures that exist in the World, young people will be better placed to excel in an increasingly interconnected world. Therefore we are developing a range of projects to encourage young people to share aspects of their own culture and daily life with those overseas, and vice versa. 

For example, please see Charlotte Young's project from Indonesia, where she invites young people in the UK to watch her films about life in Indonesia, before making a film about those same aspects of life in the UK. 

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